About Us

Keytech Locksmiths is a company that helps people to gain entry to and secure their cars, homes, businesses and other valuable possessions.

Top 10 Locksmiths in Sydney (2015)

We believe that if you think something is worth buying, then it’s worth keeping it secure, too. We like to keep up to date with the latest technology and we’re always looking for ways to improve our offering and work more efficiently.

Richard Uys

Richard Uys is the brain behind Keytech Locksmiths. He learnt and refined his trade in London, England which means that he has the edge over locally trained locksmiths in Australia. When he moved here he realised that there was an opportunity to educate and help Australians access the latest in security installations and so Keytech Locksmiths was born.

With more than 10 years experience, we are a locally owned and operated locksmith company that aims to keep your belongings secure using the latest locks and key cutting technologies. Keytech locksmiths is making Sydney a more secure place every day.

Here’s a taste of the variety of work we undertake on a given day:

  • Install high security post box locks at an apartment building
  • Gain entry for someone who is locked out
  • Service someone’s safe locks
  • Address damage to doors and windows to secure property
  • Source and install a fire-safe external door; install appropriate locks on that door
  • Perform a security assessment on a home for new home owners
  • Decode and program a transponder key for a 2011 Subaru Forrester
  • Create a new key for an antique writing desk
  • Rekey a double-sided lock for someone who has lost their keys

For all of your security needs, call us at any time, day or night on 0411 340 242.